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About Us, a Rubber-Cal Brand, is America’s premier authority for all of your flexible ducting and industrial hose needs. As a trusted purveyor of flexible hose products since 1994, we specialize in durable, affordable hoses for air ventilation, solid waste, material handling, industrial exhaust, high temperature ventilation, and abrasive transfer applications. Our stocked inventory includes a vast selection of hoses made from versatile, long-lasting materials in I.D. Sizes from 3/4" to 24” hoses. This means fast and effective delivery to your facility. Best of all, our flexible ducting experts are ready to help you with your purchase. Are you just getting your project off the ground? Let our flexible hose specialists help educate you on the possibilities for your application, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Browse’s online catalog organized by the most popular industrial hose applications and hose materials. Within our complete line of flex hoses, we offer products designed for use in large-scale air ventilation systems such as the HVAC air ducts in large commercial and industrial buildings. We provide large diameter hoses that are custom made in length and in inside diameter sizes up to 60 inch! Our products are used in a bevy of applications such as: ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, and street sweeper hose. Whether you are moving air, chemical fumes, abrasives, bulk materials, or high temperatures we have the right hose for your needs.'s line of flexible hose also includes many different types of hose materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon, Hypalon, Thermoplastic rubber, PVC, and more. By offering a diverse catalog of products, we strive to provide you with the most complete sampling of ducting products so that you can make an informed, cost conscious decision when shopping for industrial hose equipment.

Looking for specialized drain ducts or other flex hoses to handle solid waste? Our material handling hoses include a versatile selection of anti-static hoses, dryer ducts, dust collection hoses, suction hoses, and more. Our line of durable ducting products also includes those flex hoses designed specifically for use in high-temperature applications such as chimney ducts and furnaces, as well as abrasives transfer in street sweepers and car vacuums.

We know you're on a budget and we want to help! When you purchase a flexible hose from, you are getting a resilient product quickly and at an affordable price. By stocking and shipping every flex ducting product we sell, we are able to fulfill most orders in a timely manner and with great efficiency. On a tight schedule? Our flexible ducting products – and even our flex hose samples – are fulfilled and shipped faster than at any other company in the industry and at very affordable rates!, backed by Rubber-Cal’s impeccable attention to quality, offers warranties on all of our products to give you greater security with your purchase, and our in-house quality control is driven by our goal of providing quality customer service and shipping with every single order.

At, we guarantee you'll receive a superior level of customer service from our knowledgeable ducting experts with every call, email, purchase, or inquiry. While our site is designed to be easy to use and accessible, we are always happy to speak with you personally. We understand that picking the right ducting option for your unique needs can be a tedious and difficult process. Whether you are looking for ventilation ducting, food grade hose, dust collection hose, portable AC hoses, fume exhaust hose, street sweeper hose. We're here to help!

We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience provided to you by's unbeatable team of experts!

Ducting Basics: 3 Applications That Need Collection Ducts

Material Collection ducts are used every day to help keep our surroundings clean and free of clutter. Here at, we provide the proper ductwork needed to collect various types of debris such as dust, dirt, leaves, and even common paper litter. The types of ducting that are intended for collection purposes are often made of sturdy material such as PVC, thermoplastic, or polyurethane. They tend of have thicker wall hoses in order to accommodate the abrasive nature of the materials that go through them. Here are three examples of major industry applications that require the use of a collection duct:

Agriculture Storage: Workers in rural settings such as farms and ranches need to transfer large amounts of grain and animal feed on a daily basis. They need to use flexible ducts in order to do transport and stockpile these materials. The ducts used in these applications need to be durable. The ducting required in these applications sometimes must be made with FDA acceptable materials due to the fact that they are involved in transporting consumables.

Leaf Blowers: We have all seen and heard leaf blowers in action. They are used in residential and commercial areas to help maintain cleanliness by sucking up leaves and other types of outdoor yard waste. Not only must the duct hoses in these applications be durable, but they need to be made to channel air efficiently.

Woodworking: Few other applications really highlight the importance of collection ducts quite like woodworking. Huge amounts of wood dust and shavings are constantly present in carpenter workshops and furniture warehouses. Such materials can be a health hazard so it is imperative to remove them for everybody’s benefit. Ducting with smooth interiors are very popular for wood dust collection because that prevents any of the fine particulate matter from clogging the ducting.

Tips To Remember Before You Buy

What is diameter?
Diameter is a very important unit of measurement when it comes to flexible duct sizing because all duct sizes are measured according to their diameters. Flexible ducting is normally sized according to the internal (or inside) diameter, often labeled as ID. How do you measure the diameter of a round object? The diameter of a circle is the length of a straight line going from one side of a circle to the opposite side. To measure the diameter, simply choose two points on the edge of a circle that are directly across from each other, and measure the distance between these points.

Do not mistake circumference for diameter
A circle is a two dimensional shape made by drawing a curve that is the same distance all around from the center. Circles have many components including: chords, curves, diameter, radius, tangents, arcs, sectors, semi circles and central angle to name a few. It was Archimedes who developed the formula for determining the area of a circle.

The diameter of a circle is the length of the line through the center and touching two points on its edge. In the figure above, drag the orange dots around and see that the diameter never changes. The diameter is also a chord. A chord is a line that joins any two points on a circle. A diameter is a chord that runs through the center point of the circle. It is the longest possible chord of any circle.

Diameter: The center of a circle is the midpoint of its diameter. That is, it divides it into two equal parts, each of which is a radius of the circle.

Radius: The radius is half the diameter. Radius The radius is the distance from the center to any point on the edge.

Circumference The circumference is the distance around the edge of the circle.
Diameter = 2R
R is the radius of the circle where:
C is the circumference of the circle
π is Pi, approximately 3.142

What’s New in August:

If you live in the American Southwest, you know that this is going to be a very hot August. From California to Texas, temperatures will easily hit triple digits in August. The heat may mean that you need new flexible ductwork to put in to keep your AC unit working. Luckily, this month we have excellent deals going on for flexible air ducting. Need a high temperature flexible hose to handle harsh hot temperatures? Check. Need a good flex hose for vacuuming materials? Check. Come see the new sales we have going on for August!

“PVC Flexduct (General Purpose) Blue”: This is easily one of the best air transfer hoses for your money. It is durable and affordable, with an eye-catching blue hose wall that adds a visual boost to your application. The flexibility of this blue duct is one of its greatest features. It is highly compressible so that it can be stored with ease. Compared to many of its competitors, this flexible hose is 30 to 40% below the average cost for hoses of this type. This blue-colored flexible ductwork is available in popular ID sizes ranging from 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”.

“Air Ventilator Orange” Flexible Ducting: A new addition to the “Air Ventilator” series, this version comes with an orange hose wall and a black external wearstrip. When you are blowing air, this is one of the best options to have. This flexible air ducting is made of a sturdy polyester fabric coated with PVC, giving it more durability than many competing fabric hoses. Despite the great length of the hose, it is a highly compressible product. It has a compression ratio of 9:1 across all ID sizes. This superb level of compressibility allows the end user to easily store and transfer this flexible ducting from one application to another on an as-needed basis.

“PE Flex Vaculoop” Vacuum Hose: If you need to install new flexible air ducting, then consider the “PE Flex Vaculoop”. This flexible hose is ideal for air and materials transfer. It is made from a lightweight gray-colored polyethylene copolymer, which is further reinforced with a polyethylene helix. This helps to give the hose a bit more stability and durability. It is actually fairly crush-resistant when compared to other types of ducting. Community

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