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Where Can I Buy Rubber Sheets: The Rubber-Cal Commitment

When you are driving back home today or walking around the city, take a look around. You might notice a construction site for that new mall or a street sweeper making its way down the bustling roads. These applications are common place for sheet rubber, but the average lay person may never be aware of it. Rubber sheet materialpermeates our everyday lives and its applications are broad and typically tied to the industrial world. However, some knowledge on these rolls of rubber can only help you realize how useful this product is in our everyday lives. Now lets delve into the essentials of what is a rubber sheet and even take a look at how rubber sheet manufacturing is done.

To begin with, it is important to know that there are four broad groups that this product is typically derived from. These groups include: Recycled rubber, reclaimed rubber, synthetic rubber, and natural rubber. Recycled material is primarily made from recycled tire crumb that has been put back together using an adhesive. This is not to be confused with reclaimed material, which is also made from recycled tires and other discarded parts. Reclaimed rubber is de-vulcanized, which goes through vulcanization again to form a sheet rubber. Synthetic material is among the broadest category of rubber sheet material, but is mainly derived from butadiene and styrene, which are by-products of petroleum. These gases can be combined with several different materials to produce sheets that have different chemical and physical properties; creating a material that is ideal for many applications. Lastly, there is natural rubber material which is harvested from the Hevea Brasilinesis tree in areas of South America, Africa, and Asia. Through this process of extraction, sap or latex is taken out of the tree and left to heal in order to produce more rubber. These four different classes provide the basis of different rolls of rubber, and are used in various applications to accommodate the needs of our society.