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Hose and Duct Accessories

At we offer a selection of duct accessories to complement our flexible hose product line. Our stock of flexible ducting accessories includes flexible duct connectors, hose clamps, and quick connect J-locks to allow your duct hose to perform with optimal efficiency. In addition to duct accessories many of our hoses are available with specialty ends and end-cuffs which are factory-installed. This reduces the need for duct accessories and can be a less costly option. It is important for you-the consumer- to realize that ducting accessories are an essential component of the flex ducting industry, and their ability to help fulfil multiple ducting requirements should not be underestimated.

We offer two types of hose clamps: bridge clamps and screw clamps. The bridge clamp is a hose clamp that is capable of bridging over a duct’s wire helix, which then creates a tight seal between your hose and the pipe that it is installed over. This makes for a more secure connection between the flexible hose and the pipe than ordinary clamps. The screw clamp (sometimes called a work gear clamp) features a screw that, when turned, tightens the bands of the hose clamps to make a tight seal around the duct hose ends. This is an affordable way to install the hose. To their credit, if utilized properly, bridge and screw hose clamps can provide excellent impermeable sealing ability, helping to abate any unintended gas or liquid leakage.

For applications that require hoses to be adjoined together, we offer flexible duct connectors. Our flexible duct connectors are constructed with either stainless steel or aluminum. These are essentially a “straight union” between two hoses of the same size. Stainless steel connectors handle up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and exhibit better durability when compared to aluminum, although they are more expensive. The stainless steel hose connectors feature heat resistance similar to our stainless steel hoses as well as great crush resistance. For less demanding jobs, the aluminum hose connectors make a great economical choice and will create a sturdy and reliable connection with your duct hose. Aluminum connectors (and other aluminum duct accessories) are additionally beneficial because they are lightweight and easy to manipulate, meaning that they can be used easily in a plethora of commercial and industrial settings.

For applications where your work requires you to transport your hoses between several locations, we recommend using our stainless steel J-Lock connectors. These hose fittings are easy to install and are locked into place with a simple twist. These also work as a straight union between two identically sized hoses. As easy as they are to connect to other hoses, they can also disconnect just as easily, making them a great selection for hoses that are frequently moved. The stainless steel composition of these flexible duct connectors also gives them great heat and crush resistance. These features, combined with their excellent capacity to withstand corrosion and rust makes stainless steel J-Lock connectors an essential component of pipe fitters flex ducting toolbox.

Do not forget that many of our flexible hose products are available with specialty ends such as: reduced sized cuffs, enlarged cuffs, belted sewn cuffs, nylon rings, and more. These variations to hose-ends sometimes eliminate the need for clamps and connectors and make installation of the flexible hose far easier.

As one example of the variety of these variations, belted sewn cuffs are examples of another kind of duct accessories that are utilized in industries everywhere. Many flexible hose products have belted cuff ends incorporated directly onto their outlets. The purpose of these belted cuffs is to provide a structurally stable, increasingly strong manner of affixing duct hoses to one another or to other pipes. These incorporated belted cuffs eliminate the need for using other methods of affixing, such as clamps or ties.

Another example of essential duct accessories, reduced and enlarged size cuffs fill an incredibly important niche in the flex ducting world. It is not uncommon in the commercial industry to have the unenviable task of attaching two different diameter sized lengths of piping. Thankfully, reduced and enlarged cuffs are both staple duct accessories and can be utilized in a variety of situations to make your duct hoses connect correctly.

Our inventory of flexible ducting accessories is available in our online catalog for your convenience. Take a look through our duct accessories today and find the right connector or clamps for your hose. For assistance on deciding which accessory is right for your ducting materials and applications, give one of our ducting experts a call today!