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Abrasive Transfer Ducts

Working with abrasive materials requires tools and machinery that can handle the movement of rough materials with little damage via collection ducts or any attached devices. Abrasion can be an undesirable effect of exposure to normal use or short-term exposure to the abrasive elements. With a the proper selection of abrasion resistant hose you can have long lasting material collection ducts while minimizing the risk of damage and costly repairs to your equipment.

At, we have an extensive inventory of flexible ducting that are designed for the conveyance of bulk materials from light-duty home vacuums to heavy-duty collection systems for wood dust collection. Abrasives transfer is an important component of many industries. Some examples of these abrasives are by-products of grinding, polishing, agriculture, cutting, drilling, sharpening, fertilizer broadcasting, and sanding. The aforementioned uses cover hundreds of industries which is why we offer multiple bulk material collection ducts designed to meet the harsh demands of these industrial applications.

Whether you need an abrasion resistant hose that can transfer large amounts of grain or you need to collect construction debris while operating a street sweeper, we have ducting supplies to meet your demands. We offer flexible hose products made from durable thermoplastics, polyurethane, and neoprene materials to stand up against the harshest environments. With our selection of durable flexible hose, we’re certain to have ducting supplies to fit your needs and budget.

In smaller ducting /hose ID (inside diameter) sizes, we feature a large selection of vacuum hose products. We offer abrasion resistant hoses designed for consumer or industrial vacuums. We offer flexible ducting/hose that can move sludge, wet debris, or dry waste. Cleaning up wet or liquid spills both indoors and outdoors demands hoses that will weather the conditions. Our large inventory of vacuum hose ensures that we carry exactly the duct hose you need for your wet or dry vac!

Now, you might be asking, “just why is it so important to have the proper type of abrasion resistant hose when working with potentially damaging particles?” It basically all boils down to the importance of protecting your flexible hose from materials that can seriously impede the ability of said hoses to function. While lesser kinds of flexible hose are susceptible to breakage and leaking when faced with abrasives (such as concrete particles, bits of asphalt, grains, etc.), durable abrasion resistant hoses made from the above-mentioned materials of thermoplastics, polyurethane, and neoprene materials will fare significantly better in terms of lifespan and performance quality.

Demanding industries like wood dust collection, leaf/litter vac, and construction sweeping all require collection ducts that have long lives. Equipment downtime and installation costs can dwarf the cost of a durable duct hose that is inventoried. Never underestimate just how inconvenient – or even hazardous- a leaky duct hose can be; no matter your industry, it is up to you to ensure that your flexible hose is up to snuff. For example, consider the case of abrasives transfer hoses used to transport grain and other agricultural products. Should these hoses lack necessary protective qualities, it is more than likely that they will suffer tears and rips, which could lead to loss of product and, overall, less revenue generated for your farm, ranch, or business. To avoid this problem: agricultural workers everywhere have, and continue to, rely on high quality abrasion resistant hose for their sensitive tasks.

This was just one exemplar, however; the industrial and commercial applications of abrasion resistant hose can be found almost in every field imaginable. For this reason we stock popular sizes and styles that meet the everyday demands of these industries. Materials handling hoses in polyurethane and thermoplastics are in stock in sizes from 4’ to 14” ID sizes. Be sure to consider the inherent advantages offered by different ID sizes when determining which size of flexible hose to purchase for your abrasives transfer needs. Small ID lengths of abrasion resistant hose are able to generally provide more vacuum sucking pressure relative to the energy required to generate that pressure; on the other hand, an abrasion resistant hose with large ID size will obviously be able to transport more of a material at once, a feature that is great for bulk applications. In addition some hose sizes can be purchases in small footage which minimizes the cost to you! For those custom and non-traditional ventures, we offer large diameter ducts up 60” which are made to your exact length requirements.

Feel free to browse our site to find the right flexible hose for your particular applications. We have our products organized by application type for your convenience. For assistance on which product may best meet the requirements of your task, feel free to contact one of our ducting experts today!