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Ambient Air


An efficient system of ventilating ambient air has a wide range of benefits including maintaining a healthy environment, efficient energy savings, and extending the lifespan of your investment. At, we offer a large inventory of ventilation ducts to fit your air transfer needs from consumer use to large commercial applications. We have many flex ducts that can move air efficiently, regardless of the environment.

By definition, ambient air refers to the natural state of gases in the atmosphere. It is what humans, animals, and planets need for life. Without access to clean, ambient air it is quite easy for you to fall victim to serious health problems. In the past, it was often difficult for homes and businesses to maintain indoor air quality in the face of increasing urbanization, sprawl, and pollutants. Thankfully, modern advances in flexible air ducts has made it easier than ever to ensure that interior spaces are provided and ventilated, temperature controlled, comfortable, breathable air.

Flexible air ducts are essential in supplying ambient air for an HVAC system. We have a variety of flexible air hoses that will allow you to transfer heated or cooled air into your facility. For an effective air transfer system, you need flexible air hoses that can be maneuvered through tight corridors and do their job without endangering the airflow. We offer products made from thermoplastics, PVC, fabrics, aluminum, stainless and neoprene. Less expensive fabric type flex ducts are ideal for machinery and jobs that continuously flex and move.

These flex ducts are also available in any range of sizes and can be custom made to length in a cost effective manner. On the other hand, thermoplastic air hoses exhibit more durability, especially in outdoor applications. While metallic products do not have good flex fatigue, they possess excellent life, are unaffected by temperature spikes, and have great aesthetic appeal. No matter which option you go with, it is important to consider the longevity and durability of all ventilation ducts you install because, should your lengths of flex ducts become damaged or worn, it can be extremely costly to access them for repair or replacement, especially if they are installed in walls, floors, or ceilings. That is why we seek to provide only the highest quality of ambient air flexible ducting to you – the consumer.

From industrial to portable consumer applications, we offer ventilation ducts perfect for demands of the job. Sometimes large commercial use requires a huge amount of airflow. To meet the needs of industrial use, we offer large diameter flexible air hoses which can span up to 60 inches in diameter. We also inventory hoses with up to 24 inch ID. These hoses can be made from lightweight fabrics or heavier rubber based ducting materials that can withstand more wear. Our lightweight and flexible air ducts provide you with the ability to transport and position hoses to meet the demands of tight spaces. They also exhibit up to a 12 to 1 compression ratio, meaning a 25 foot section of the flex ducts can compress down to over 2 feet, for easy storage and portability.

Machinery that transfers ambient air emit elevated temperatures at the source. This means air ducts that are attached to the machinery need to handle elevated temperatures in the areas in which they are installed (e.g., engines). Our flexible air ducts are perfect for applications involving high temperature and chemicals such as heating systems and smoke ventilation. For example, our aluminum flex ducts can handle ambient air temperatures from as low as -100 degreed to as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Others, such as stainless steel hose can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degree Fahrenheit! No matter what their composition, many of our products are constructed with materials like silicone that are ideal for high temperature applications.

Since ambient air is -of course- a gas, leakage and unintentional venting can cause serious problems and overall losses of efficiency. To ensure that your ambient air gets where it needs to go, we offer high-quality ventilation accessories such as cuff size enlargers and reducers, belt and screw fasteners, and nylon loops to ensure that all your air duct attachment needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

Browse through our online catalog of air hoses today and find the right ventilation product that is perfect for your application’s requirements. From dehumidifying air to transferring cooled air, offers ventilation ducts to efficiently transfer in ambient air for your application. For assistance on which of our products is perfect for you, call one of our air duct experts today!