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Best Sellers - Air Ventilator Hoses

Air ventilation hoses are designed with several different factors in mind. As such, these ducting hoses are very versatile products and have a huge number of potential uses. To boil it down to basics, the hose products are made to transfer air and facilitate circulation. But within that very broad definition, there is a huge number of applications that the hoses can be used for.

The Air Ventilator hose range is so versatile and effective because of the way the products are made. They are constructed from PVC rubber and vary in size from a 4-inch diameter to 24-inches, making them useful in every setting, from small-scale to industrial. The ducting is reinforced with a spring steel wiring that makes it extremely strong, even when flexed. It is also resistant to heat, standing up to a range of temperatures from -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Air Ventilator hoses can also compress to a fraction of their usual size. These hoses have a 10 to 1 compression ratio, meaning a 25 footer can compress to a 2.5ft size.

The range of applications for the Air Ventilator hoses are far-reaching. If there’s a need for air ventilation then this duct hose can fill it. That includes air conditioning, mobile and fixed chillers and dehumidification units. With the temperature resistance capabilities and the variety of sizes available, the hoses can be used in any setting, from an in-home HVAC system to large industrial machinery which needs ventilation tubing. While air flow – specifically in cold and heating systems – might be the primary use for the air ventilator hoses, they also have plenty of more obscure capabilities, such as a smoke ejector.