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Hose Types

There are a variety of hose types available to consumers in our modern age, each with unique benefits and applicative uses. In general, flexible hoses can be broken down into categories of material make up. Different materials provide various characteristics, making the material make up of the flexible ducting very important when selecting one for your application. The material makeup of the hose can affect the price, the working temperature range, the pressure it can withstand, the compressibility, and wear resistance. Choosing the right flexible hoses starts with choosing the right hose material types.

A few varieties of metal hose types are available, and these are some of the few “semi-rigid” options available. Metal hoses are available in aluminum and stainless steel, making them great for high temperature and corrosive applications. Superior structural integrity is key to achieving this goal, and is why heavy duty hoses are a sensible and practical choice for industries the world over.

For ambient air movement, hoses in the PVC or Fabric Hose category would be the best place to look. These generally are lightweight and highly flexible ducting, making them perfect for air movement. Some heavier duty fabric hoses are available as well, allowing for use in material applications where durability is a must. The fabric hoses are also available with different coatings such as Neoprene, Acrylic and PVC. Different kinds of protective coatings can on hose types varying levels of abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and static dissipation qualities. These can be important attributes for a length of flexible hose for a variety of situations where heavy wear, risk fire and/or static build-up are present.

The temperature resistance capabilities of different hose types should also be considered when making you flexible ducting purchasing decisions. For high temperature air or fume movement, in addition to the aluminum and Stainless hose categories, the Fiberglass and Silicone Hose categories would be the optimal place to look. These categories will have some overlap, as many fiberglass hoses are coated in Silicone, providing the high temperature qualities these hoses exhibit. Some applications where heat resistant hose types function well are as furnace vents, automobile exhaust ports, and chimney ducts. What’s more, silicone hoses typically do well with a variety of chemicals as well, making them superb for fume extraction applications. It should be noted that even though all hoses in this catalog are flexible hoses, the bend radius and compressibility of these flexible ducting will vary based on the materials used. With that said, Stainless Steel and Silicone tend to be on the lower end of the flexibility spectrum.

A variety of plastic flexible hoses are available as well, and they have been split on this page into PVC options, and plastic, which not only has the PVC options, but also includes the polyurethane and polyethylene options. These hose types are purpose built to be cost-effective, yet just as reliable and long-lasting as other, more costly kinds of lightweight hose. The flexible ducting in the plastic categories would be used for applications such as air movement or material handling depending on the wall thickness of the hose. These tend to be some of the most cost-effective and flexible of all of our flexible ducting.

When it comes to utilizing hose types in your residential, commercial, and industrial applications, keep in mind that there exist a variety of different flexible ducting accessories that can be used to increase the overall usage value of your ducts. For instance, many business owners equip their flexible hose for ventilation with reducing and/or enlarging cuff ends for the purposes of affixing these lengths of flex ducting to other ducts of differing size.

A few other “application” based hose types available are the Metric and Insulated Hose categories. Insulated hoses have a fiberglass-insulated layer to help maintain the temperature of the air moving through it. Metric hoses are specifically available in metric sizes such as 60mm, 80mm and other common metric sizes. When it comes the right kinds of hose types for your situation, it only makes sense to get it right the first time. So, for help with your specific application, our customer service representatives would be glad to assist you. Why not give us a call today?