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Industrial Exhaust Hose

Industrial exhaust applications cover a wide range of work fields involving toxic chemicals, high temperature air, and fumes. Industrial ducting is essential for controlling worker and equipment exposure to these potentially dangerous gaseous materials. At, our inventory of industrial hoses includes a versatile selection of products to meet the diverse and heavy-duty demands of industrial exhaust applications.

Industrial exhaust vents are a widespread and oft-relied upon product in the industrial world. Industrial laundromats utilize them as dryer ducts, trucks and cars implement them as exhaust conduits – even ships and boats rely on extensive systems of industrial exhaust ducts to provide ventilation for motors and other machinery. With such a wide range of uses, it is only natural that the industrial hoses themselves come in a variety of makes and designs.

Our inventory of industrial hoses features ducting constructed with various raw materials such as: polyester, PVC, silicone, fiberglass, hypalon, neoprene, and metals. This diverse selection of products provides you with options ideal for applications that produce high temperature air and fumes. We have industrial ducting options with high temperature thresholds from 150 degrees Fahrenheit for light-duty applications and up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit for heavy-duty applications. For low temperature applications, such as server room cooling, we stock industrial hoses that are capable of withstanding temperatures as low as negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial exhaust, more specifically, diesel-powered equipment account for nearly half of all nitrogen oxides (NOx) and more than two-thirds of all particulate matter (PM) emissions. As a health hazard, incinerating hamburgers and green beans may pale in comparison with lighting wood or coal fires indoors, the leading environmental cause of death and disability around the world. Yet frying, grilling or toasting foods with gas and electric appliances creates particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Particulate matter, a variety of industrial exhaust, irritates the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, contributing to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses and even premature death. Researchers estimate that, nationwide, tens of thousands of people die prematurely each year as a result of particulate pollution

The diverse materials used in the construction of our industrial ducting products meet the many demands of industrial exhaust applications. We offer products that are resistant to the harsh fumes produced by both land and water vehicles with materials that are capable of working in demanding marine water conditions. In addition, many of our products are resistant to harsh chemicals like those that are common in paint booth applications and mine ventilation systems.

For heavy-duty applications we offer several semi-rigid industrial hoses. In addition to excellent chemical resistance, these products offer superior crush resistance. In an industry as sensitive as that of chemical and fume transportation, it only makes sense that your industrial exhaust hoses be able to withstand all manner of damage. Having a durable and impact resistant coating is a sure way to protect your ducts from accidental ruptures, and your interior spaces for unintended fume or gas contamination. For added convenience and economical value, the semi-rigid ducting products all feature self-supporting design. The self-supporting design allows you to place the industrial ducting where you will need the ducting to extract the exhaust fumes and it will remain in place on its own without for additional support. Stainless steel is one extremely popular material from which industrial exhaust vents and ducts are made. It is common for stainless steel ducts to be sold in several different lengths and styles, allowing them to be utilized in a variety of tight fitting situations where they can be modified in length pursuant to the demands of that situation. Combined with their wide range of potential interior diameter sizes, it is easy to see why stainless steel has a home in a sundry of industrial exhaust environments. Furthermore, some types of stainless steel can resist temperatures up to a scorching 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit – a far higher temperature than what most automobile exhaust ducts are capable of reaching.

Aluminum is another material upon which many industries stake their industrial exhaust hopes. Almost as damage resistant as stainless steel and supremely flexible, aluminum makes the ideal commercial hose for use in tight quarters, or in systems of ducts that go on for great lengths. An added benefit, aluminum flex ducts are generally most affordable on a per foot basis when compared to stainless steel ducting, which can make them an ideal product for those seeking to shave expenses off a company budget.

Our online catalog features detailed descriptions of all of our industrial exhaust products. The online catalog is separated into several categories so you can easily find the products that are a good match for your applications. Call one of our ducting specialists today for assistance on your industrial exhaust applications.