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Material Handling Hose & Ducts

At, our inventory of material handling hoses includes products perfect for a wide range of moving bulk materials and abrasive by-products. Our material collection hoses are organized into the following categories: anti-static, drain ducts, dryer ducts, duct cleaning, dust collection, food grade, and suction hoses. We offer a wide range of flexible ducting made of a diverse set of materials to handle the large variety of industry such as woodworking, food processing, agriculture, litter and waste transport. Due to the coarse nature of the media being moved, when it comes to material handling hoses, durability is of the utmost importance.

To match the many demands of material handling applications, we offer an assorted set of products made from a wide array of materials. The flex hose materials used in the construction of our material extraction hoses products include: PVC, thermoplastic rubber, polyethylene, polyurethane, neoprene, silicone, and metals. This diversity allows us to offer products that handle a wide range of media from insulation, to lint, to more heavy-duty and abrasive materials like wood chips and grains. Since our flexible ducting is used in a variety of environments, we offer hoses with a wide range of operating temperature ranges. We offer material extraction hoses that operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and stainless hoses that can handle up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. Our goal is to educate industry on our products, and allow the end-users to select the option that best fits their needs and budget!

We offer several hoses that are designed to dissipate static build-up and minimize any chance of a mishap to the material collection hoses that could result from the continuous movement of product through the flex hose. As mentioned, anti-static ducts are a very popular type of hose utilized in situations where high degrees of friction or large amounts of sparks are possible. These hoses help abate the dangerous properties of these occurrences, and can increase the overall safety of your ducting systems. In addition clear hoses are available in PVC and Polyurethane that allow the operator to see clogs within the flex hose. Furthermore, if clear flex hoses are not your “style”, most of our material handling ducts can be ordered in a range of sizes. This allows the material handling ducting to be used with almost any equipment, whether American made or equipment that uses Metric hoses. In addition our flexible ducting is offered in a variety of wall thicknesses that present a range of durability. This enables the end-user to select the proper hose, based on the abrasion requirements of the job.

Similarly used in specialized situations, food grade material handling commercial hoses are used as sterling means of conveyance for consumable and pharmaceuticals. Materials that, if polluted by even minor contaminants, become severely tarnished. As such, food grade heavy duty hoses are an invaluable component of kitchens and factories throughout the world.

Since many agricultural applications move products that have coarse features, we offer a material-handling hose that is made with FDA approved materials. For applications that require the collection of fluids we offer large diameter hoses made out of polyethylene copolymer. These polyethylene copolymer hoses also work as fantastic wet-dry vacuum hoses, ideal for working situations that require a versatile product to collect both solid materials and liquids. We know that having air-tight tough material handling hoses is critical to the success of many commercial and industrial enterprises. This is why we endeavor at all times to use products that, even in the most challenging circumstances, will not let you down.

The online catalog separates our material handling hoses into various categories based on their applicable applications. In these flexible hose category pages you will find detailed descriptions and photographs of our products. If you would like assistance with your order, ducting specialists are available to assist you today!