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"PE Flex Plus" Vacuum Hoses

Constructed Using a Durable Gray Polyethylene Copolymer Flexible Duct Ideal for Wet and Dry Vacuum Applications

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Product Description and Specifications

"PE Flex Plus" vacuum hoses are recommended for wet or dry light bulk material handling applications. Each flex hose is constructed using a grey polyethylene copolymer material. The hose walls are then reinforced with an integral polyethylene helix that adds strength and abrasion resistance to the hose. Heavy-duty and commercial wet and dry vacuum applications need intense cleaning power; therefore more durable hoses are required. The "PE Flex Plus" is ideal flexible hose pipe for busy shops, industrial cleaning and more.

The polyethylene copolymer ducting material of this vacuum suction hose remains flexible even at low temperatures and has the ability to bend into tight spaces. Abrasion is the process of scuffing, scratching, wearing down, marring, or rubbing away the hose or other components. Abrasion is highly undesirable and can lead to premature wear and failure or the interior or exterior of the hose. The ducting material used in the "PE Flex Plus" offers extra protection against abrasion and crushing.

The "PE Flex Plus" is available in several ID sizes ranging from 1 inch to 4 inch. The vacuum hoses have a smooth interior for efficient air flow at any size. The flexible hose pipe is sold in grey and comes in standard lengths of 25 and 50 feet with plain cut ends. The smooth interior also helps reduce the chances of clogging or blocking.

The vacuum suction hose has a working temperature range of -40 F to +140 Fahrenheit. "PE Flex Plus" vacuum hoses are useful in a variety of light bulk material handling applications such as car washes, conduit cover applications, industrial vacuum cleaners, insulation blowing, paper trim conduit, and pet grooming equipment. For further assistance or for questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our ducting specialists today.

Construction: Gray polyethylene copolymer wall hose construction reinforced with an integral polyethylene helix.
Product Features:
  • Lightweight and flexible even at low temperatures
  • Tight bending characteristics
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Wet or dry vacuum in car wash, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Crush resistant
  • Smooth interior for efficient air flow
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Some sizes handle a full vacuum
Applications: Materials.
Temperature Range: -40 F to +140 F
Sizes I.D. (inches): 1.50 and +2.00 inch I.D.
ID Tolerances: -0.00 to +0.050 Inch
Standard Length: 25 & 50 Feet.
Standard Colors: Gray.
End Finish: Plain Cut.
Markets: Abrasion Resistance, Car Wash, Conduit Applications, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Insulation Blowing, Paper Trim Conduit, Peat Moss Vacuum, Pet Grooming Equipment

Volume Pricing

Pricing per Foot 25 - 99 feet 100 - 249 feet 250 - 499 feet 500 feet
1" ID $2.28 $1.98 $1.88 $1.71
1.25" ID $2.82 $2.46 $2.33 $2.12
1.5" ID $3.19 $2.77 $2.63 $2.39
2" ID $4.65 $4.05 $3.84 $3.49
2.5" ID $5.34 $4.64 $4.4 $4
3" ID $6.8 $5.92 $5.61 $5.1
3.5" ID $7.77 $6.76 $6.41 $5.83
4" ID $8.92 $7.76 $7.36 $6.69