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"Thermoplastic Flex White" Food Grade Hose

Thermoplastic Rubber Duct Offers Good Chemical and Heat Resistance, with a Temp Range of -40F to +250F

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Product Description and Specifications

The "Thermoplastic Flex White" is a medium-weight material handling hose that is great for abrasive, dust, and material collection applications. This product is specifically made from FDA acceptable hose material, which makes it suitable for food and drug-related applications. The thermoplastic rubber used in this product provides good chemical and heat resistance, and is also able to withstand higher temperatures than ordinary rubber products. Thermoplastic rubber refers to a class of copolymers that are made from a mixture of plastic and rubber. This combination results in a material that offers good chemical and UV resistance. This thermoplastic hose is also reinforced with a spring steel wire helix for added protection and stability. This resilient quality is important when using the food grade hose in rough and unforgiving environments. The smooth interior of this hose material allows for minimal friction loss and provides efficient airflow.

The "Thermoplastic Flex White" can be used as a dust collection hose in both high and low temperature environments. This thermoplastic hose has an operating temperature range of -40 degrees to +250 degrees Fahrenheit and is intended for environments that ordinary hoses cannot withstand. This product comes in a white color, which provides good visibility for food grade applications.

The "Thermoplastic Flex White" material handling hose is sold in 25 and 50 ft sections with plain cut ends. This thermoplastic hose is offered in ID sizes ranging from 2 inch to 24 inch. The ID tolerances for this food grade hose are -0.00 to +0.125 inches for any size below 8 inch, and -0.00 to +0.250 for any 8 inch and over. The wall thickness for this hose ranges from .025 to .030 inch, depending on the internal diameter of the hose. The medium-duty design of this dust collection hose makes this ideal for other applications including but not limited to: dry cleaning, chemical fumes, , clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, pipe organs, paint spray extraction, and other general purpose jobs. If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to give one of our ducting specialists a call today!

Construction: Medium weight thermoplastic rubber hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix.
Product Features:
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Designed for applications with wide temperature ranges
  • Great moisture & UV resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Smooth interior assures minimal friction loss & efficient air flow
  • Manufactured with FDA acceptable materials
Applications: Abrasives, Dust, Materials.
Temperature Range: -40 F to +250 F. intermittent to +325 F
Sizes I.D. (inches): 2.00-12.00 Inch I.D., Custom to 24.00 Inch I.D.
ID Tolerances: To 8 Inch: -0.00 to +0.125 Inch
8 Inch and over: -0.00 to +0.250 Inch
Wall Thickness: 0.025 inch (2” ID), 0.030 inch (2.5” ID and above)
Standard Length: 25 & 50 Feet.
Standard Colors: White.
End Finish: Plain Cut.
Markets: Abrasion Resistance, Agricultural, Air Duct Cleaning, Auto Tellers, Car Wash, Chemical Fumes, Chemical Plants, Clean Rooms, Cotton Pickers, Dry Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Dust Collection, Food Grade, Fume Exhaust, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Industrial, Landfill Venting, Lawn & Leaf Collection, Off-Road, Ozone, Paint Spray Extraction, Paper Trim Conduit, Pharmaceutical, Pipe Organs, Plastic Bag Machines, Pollution Control, R.V. Manufacturing, Sheet Metal, Woodworking/Furniture Industries

Volume Pricing

Pricing per Foot 25 - 99 feet 100 - 249 feet 250 - 499 feet 500 feet
2" ID $5.12 $4.45 $4.22 $3.84
2.5" ID $6.35 $5.52 $5.24 $4.76
3" ID $7.39 $6.43 $6.09 $5.54
3.5" ID $8.23 $7.16 $6.79 $6.17
4" ID $9.01 $7.84 $7.43 $6.75
5" ID $9.80 $8.52 $8.08 $7.35
6" ID $10.83 $9.42 $8.94 $8.12
7" ID $12.31 $10.71 $10.16 $9.23
8" ID $13.83 $12.03 $11.41 $10.37
10" ID $17.65 $15.35 $14.56 $13.24
12" ID $21.12 $18.38 $17.43 $15.84